The ASTA Challenge Session on Biologicals: Answers from Key Players
Date & Time
Thursday, December 12, 2019, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Todd Mayhew Alex Cochran Pamela Calvo Velez Mike McFatrich Keith Pitts Adil Anjem

The biologicals session will bring together industry leaders to talk about the most promising future opportunities for biological seed treatments, how seed companies can evaluate their effectiveness and improve on seed application and performance.


Moderated by Keith Pitts, Marrone Bio
Part I - Discovery Panel:
-Benoit Hartmann, Bayer
-Todd Mayhew, Valent
-Mike McFatrich, New Leaf Symbiotics

Part II – In-Field Evaluation: Alex Cochran, Corteva Agriscience: In-field testing of biologicals can be challenging if special pre-cautions are not taken both with trial design and trial management.  This session will reflect on critical learnings from past biological trialing experience that has driven improvements in how we test biologicals today.
Part III – Compatibility/On Seed Application – Pamela Calvo Velez, BASF: To guarantee that a biological treatment will survive and stay on the seed once applied, compatibility and application testing are important requirements. This session will touch base on the important steps and the type of testing that should be taken into account when developing a new seed treatment biological.
Location Name
Columbus Hall C-F