A new future awaits us. Are you ready?

It's clear that after two years of pandemic turmoil, the world in general will be forever changed. As we work to define the "next normal" for our lives, the changes impacting the seed industry in the years ahead are something we need to prepare for now. The future we face requires leadership for so many aspects of your business, from navigating changing technology, to global market volatility, to sustainability, to political and workforce changes and so much more. Do you feel prepared?


“Resiliency” is the theme our 2023 event. Attendees will participate in a series of interactive sessions covering various facets of what seed industry leaders need to consider in these rapidly changing times – from fluctuating economic factors, to the evolving workforce, sustainability needs, and so much more. It all kicks off with a keynote presentation by PJ Fleck, University of Minnesota’s head football coach.  Meet Coach Fleck in this introductory video and be sure to  register above to hear more!