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After 77 years of holding this event in Chicago, and specifically, 45 years at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, 2022 will be the last year that this historic event will be held in that location before it moves to the Hyatt Regency Orlando in 2023. To mark our years of history in this location, and to honor those members who have proudly been returning every year, some for more than 30 years, we invite all past conference participants to submit their favorite photos and memories, including written stories or video recordings, to our headquarters, where we will feature them on our CSS 2022 & Seed Expo website leading up to December and showcase them during the event itself.

Additionally, if you have any messages specifically for the Hyatt Regency Chicago staff, please send those along as well and we will compile these into a special thank you gift to the hotel staff in December. 

All memories should be sent to Jennifer Crouse at no later than November 1, 2022.

Join these ASTA members in sharing your memories!

Here are some images of the NASCAR simulator Nufarm sponsored for the 2019 event. This was such a unique thing to check out at ASTA and the interest in the simulator even exceeded our own expectations. This picture on the right features Nufarm’s very own Brendan Deck, Regional General Manager North America, who couldn’t resist trying things out.

                   -Kevin Ashley, Nufarm

1964 first was my first.  Attended conferences at all three hotels.  Rich Memories of the great people I had the opportunity to meet and work with.  ASTA staff, customers, competitors, and so many others.  A time to enjoy, to learn, and to participate in a great association. 

                                                                                -John Gerard, JoMar Seeds

So many great memories at ASTA-CSS.  The people make it special.  But if I had to narrow it down to just one, it would have to be CSS 1990.  My dad, John, was just starting Seed Genetics, Inc (SGI) corn licensing business, so he hired me to help him at JG Limited to license soybeans and wheat.  CSS 1990 was my very first day on the job.  I had come out of banking, had no ag experience, and my head was spinning trying to remember everyone’s names.


I attached 3 pictures:

  • Picture of Bryan, John, myself at CSS 1994 taken for a Seed World article
  • Picture of the article
  • I know it’s not at CSS, but thought you might enjoy the ASTA summer meeting pic from DC (I’m guessing it was ’94 or ’95).  Picture includes Sonny Beck, Roger Kemper – Callahan Seeds, Gary Arthur – president of Corn States, and the 3 Gerards with IN Congressman Dan Burton.  (side note: I won the tie I was wearing by winning the ASTA tennis tournament.  Noble Koepp and his wife used to organize it.)

Attached is a photo from 2004.


Mogens Dahl-Nielsen,  President of Westrup A/S  (retired now)

Jonathan Popp,  President of Popp Engineering


Both have attended the Chicago ASTA many years and been strong supporters of ASTA with exhibits and participation.

Panel discussion photo from Dec. 6, 2012:

I know you guys were asking for pictures from past events.

I have attached one of Marc Cool, Myself and Owen Newlin from a few years back…..


-Ing. Roberto Berentsen Heger.

Director General

Semillas Berentsen S.A. de C.V.

Who among us remembers Knuckles Sports Bar at the Hyatt Regency Chicago? And water in the main lobby?

How about the old ASTA holiday displays?