Full Name
Brett Sciotto
Job Title
President and CEO
Aimpoint Research
Speaker Bio
With over two decades of research expertise, Brett leads a global, multi-disciplinary team conducting cutting-edge market research and competitive intelligence for corporations, organizations, governments and leaders all around the world. Aimpoint Research is a company that fuses best practices from the intelligence disciplines and the civilian market research industry to provide unprecedented insight into the minds of those who most impact our clients' success. Aimpoint Research is very different than other firms. Proven research methodologies combined with advanced collection techniques, superior analysis, and inspired presentations ensure Aimpoint can give your organization a competitive advantage. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and former Army Intelligence Officer, Brett Sciotto learned early in his career how superior insight and timely information impacts the success of an organization. As a Captain in the 101st Airborne Division, Brett honed his leadership skills and developed acute analytical capabilities that allowed him to refocus intelligence assets making them more effective and efficient. He quickly became renowned for being an innovative leader who challenged conventional wisdom and dramatically enhanced the capabilities of the units he led. Upon completing his tour of duty with the Army, Brett transitioned to civilian life by serving as City Chief of Staff of Clarksville, Tennessee. A strong believer in making government more responsive to the citizens it serves; Brett began to incorporate public opinion data into city planning to ensure operations were in line with citizen expectations and priorities. Brett’s government experience, combined with his intelligence background led to the launch of American Strategies in 2001 and Governing Dynamic in 2008 – firms designed to help government and political leaders make better, more informed decisions. Aimpoint Research was built upon the success of these firms.
Brett Sciotto