Profile Industries: Mechanical Shape Sorting: Innovating for the Future

Description: This presentation will take a new spin on a technology that has not been adopted in the North American soybean market but is being used in South America Market. We will highlight different case studies from our 100+ installations in 2021-2022 on our Rotary Sorter data from South America, United States, Canada, and Europe sharing the results many seed processors have achieved with our innovative technology the Rotary Sorter.

Why it Matters to the Seed Industry: 

Mechanically Sorting by Shape is important to the industry for a variety of reasons. From customer data we have found that they are saving 20% more seed by using mechanical shape sorting in the seed conditioning process. We always thought that this was a very valuable solution and provided a great ROI until we realized that this also means farmers can plant 20% less acres and still get the same amount of seed. When you can plant 20% less acres there is less fuel being used with all the equipment that goes into planting, spraying, harvesting, and transporting seed and crops. Without using the equipment as often as previously there are less emissions going to the atmosphere which influences the world’s climate. With less being planted that means that their would-be savings on the fertilizer that is used before and after planting. Fertilizer is very expensive and this year with shortages of fertilizer global fertilizer prices have jumped 80% in cost and some farmers are not able to afford these price increases (Business Insider). If you are planting less that frees up acres especially with the United States being land locked this gives opportunity for more land to be free for other use. However, one could use the same number of acres and if there is anything that affects the harvest there is a safeguard in the processing where they can capture 20% more seed and no longer have an industry “acceptable” clean out. Also, with labor shortages all around the country and extra hands harder to come by this means that you can save 20% on labor cost. Most importantly though we ultimately save more seed and put more money in the pocket of hardworking individuals. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation of all the expenses that we have mentioned they make up roughly 45% of all expenses of a farm. Now, imagine you get 20% back from these expenses - think of the impact that would make on this industry. Hence is why we know that Mechanical Shape Sorting is not only the missing piece in seed processing but also the missing piece in the Seed Industry. 

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Thomas Saatzer
Date & Time
Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 2:15 PM - 2:25 PM
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Grand Hall G - J