Full Name
Eric Waldo
Job Title
Global Sales and Business Development Manager
Universal Coating Systems, LLC
Speaker Bio
• Eric Waldo is an agricultural pioneer and innovation specialist who has spent his career collaborating with agricultural entrepreneurs, from local farmers to produce marketers, retailers, consultants, Agri focused manufacturers, universities, scientists, local leaders, and communities, to fuse the incredible common sense and values-based agricultural practices developed by farmers for millennia, with the brightest ideas and most advanced technologies being developed by scientists and inventors around the world today. By continually and strategically bringing together the best of the past with the innovations of the present, Eric has helped pioneer the use of protective structures, hydroponics, vertically and horizontally integrated farming business systems and planning, light manipulation, artificial intelligence, and other sustainable and efficiency enhancing tools and practices for both field and greenhouse production- including controlled and slow release fertilizers, drip irrigation and fertigation, bio-stimulants, bio-pesticides, pollination management, biological pest management, organic and conventional hybrid sustainable systems, and environmental and crop growth monitoring and modeling for optimized production with optimal inputs. Eric has recently joined Universal Coating Systems with the goal of collaborating with partners across the seed business spectrum to disrupt and innovate by bringing together the best people and ideas from inside and outside of agriculture.
• https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-waldo-agrifuturist/
Eric Waldo