Technology and Security

CSS & Seed Expo online sessions will broadcast via live stream from an external provider. Therefore, at no time will you be directly inside a session opersated by any video meetings provider; you will be viewing it as a one-way broadcast. However, you will be able to interact, ask questions, respond to polls, etc.

For meeting appointments, those that you schedule in our platform will be running the "Swoogo Virtual" software as the basis for the video meeting, which is based on the Jitsi platform. This allows for instantaneous video meetings that do not require logins/passwords to access them, for ease of use; however, each participant does have to pass through their conference registration login to get to the links to join the meeting, for security.

ASTA conference sessions will be recorded for on-demand access by conference registrants and registration is required in order to see the sessions, whether live or on-demand. All platforms have GCM data encryption.

f you have additional questions related to our technology security, please send your question to