Hybrid Wheat: What is Different This Time?
Wednesday, December 9, 2020
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM (CST)
Jessie Alt P.  Stephen Baenziger Laird Lampertz Paul Morano David Bonnett

This session, focusing on the latest in hyrbid wheat, is jam-packed with important content with a full list of insightful presenters.

Moderated by Matt Wehmeyer, AgriMaxx Wheat

Presentations include:

Stephen Baenziger, University of Nebraska-Lincoln:

  • Updates on UNL’s wheat program
  • Evolving threats and opportunities in HRW research in the Great Plains including role of hybrid wheat in the future.

David Bonnett, Hybrid Spring Wheat Breeder, BASF:

  • Hybrid wheat history: Why does it work today when it didn’t in the past?
  • Special considerations for spring wheat

Jessie Alt, Global Wheat Lead, Corteva

  • Role of newer breeding techniques and genomic knowledge enabling and complementing hybrid wheat breeding

Paul Morano, Syngenta

  • Opportunities that hybrid wheat brings to farmers and wheat generally
  • Why are the economics of hybrid wheat better today than in the past

Laird Lampertz, Pitura Seeds

  • Differences between hybrid and conventional seed production
  • Opportunities that hybrid seed creates for the seed producer 


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