Full Name
Anthony Hearst
Job Title
Progeny Drone
Speaker Bio
Anthony Hearst did his undergraduate in Chemical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara. He recently graduated from Purdue University as an NSF Fellow with a PhD in Agricultural & Biological Engineering in May 2019. His research focused on collecting and processing drone imagery of soybean field trials for Dr. Katy Rainey, associate professor of soybean breeding & genetics in the Agronomy Department at Purdue University. Due to budget constraints, Anthony and Dr. Rainey had to develop new technology that would allow them to quickly convert thousands of raw drone images from inexpensive drones into precise plot-level images and metrics of plant growth and health without relying on high-grade GPS, expensive cameras, high-performance computing, or high-speed internet. This led to the development of new technology capable of converting raw drone imagery into metrics of plant growth & health in minutes on minimal hardware without internet or accurate GPS. Anthony now works full time for Progeny, a startup dedicated to using this new technology to empower researchers at small to mid-sized organizations who lack the funding or capability to develop their own drone image processing pipelines. He hopes to show agronomists how this technology allows them to use the equipment and hardware many of them already own to start collecting stand counts, greenness, canopy cover, vigor, and other metrics of plant growth and health faster, cheaper, and more accurately.
Anthony Hearst