Full Name
Mr. Jim Love
Job Title
Light Robotics Manager
Becks Hybrids
Speaker Bio
Jim Love was raised on a small farm in central Indiana. After attending Purdue University he joined Beck’s Hybrids as the manager of their fertilizer and chemical program. Over the course of the last 30 years he has had the opportunity to wear many hats at Becks from operating a planter and combine in the production department to his current role as a Light Robotics Manager, and Herbicide Specialist across Beck’s entire marketing area. During his time as the fertilizer and chemical manager Jim was instrumental in implementing the use of GPS for application of fertilizer, lime and pesticides. Twenty years ago that was a much more challenging task then the well-integrated systems of today. In the early 90’s Becks began to experiment with crop health imaging from a satellite platform and then on to manned flight systems for data collection. Most recently experimentation has centered on the use of UAVs to gather the data in real time and make limited applications.

Jim lives on his family farm outside of Lebanon, Indiana with his wife Kim where they enjoy raising Boer goats along with their Grandchildren.
Jim Love